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Hi there!

I'm Michelle Cochrane

I am an aromatherapist, healer and teacher.

I am someone who brings passion to my calling to help improve the lives of others.

I am a creatrix, here to bring beauty and light to the lives of those around me.

I am a human - flawed and imperfect, one who has been broken and who has risen anew.

I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

I've been the high-flyer, the career woman, and I have come crashing down.

I know what it means to experience burn-out, to get to the point where my mind and my body simply could not go on.

I have been on a long journey of self-healing, one that continues to this day.


My personal healing journey, is what led me to discover my true calling in life - to heal others, and give them the tools and the strength to heal themselves.

And so it began.....

I studied hard, learning directly from the greatest names in aromatherapy - Robert Tisserand, Salvatore Battaglia, Gabriel Mojay.

I gained the qualifications that prove to the world that I know what I am talking about.

But more than that, I gained knowledge, wisdom and insight.

When the time came, I stepped out on my own and created my own business.

I created a business based on integrity, working only in the best interests of my clients.

I created a business based on both intuition and scientific fact - creating harmony and synergy between the two.

Most of all, I put people first.   

I recognise that they have a heart and a soul. 

I honour and respect them with truth, integrity and caring in all matters.

I built my business - and my life - based on doing what is right for others, knowing that this is also what is right for me.

I invite you to join me on my journey and look forward to travelling together.

Much love, 


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