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Personalised Aromatherapy Consultations

Are you looking for a little inspiration or help in your life?   May be you are looking to create a personalised gift for someone you love.

In that case, a personalised aromatherapy consultation is perfect for you.

This service includes an online consultation to delve into exactly what you are looking for - after which I will develop the perfect blend for you, based on a mix of scientific research and intution.

The consultation also includes a 5ml bottle of hand-blended essential oil tailored to your needs, and sent to you in the post.

Intuitive Aromatherapy Readings 


Are you after a little insight into your life?


My intuitive readings use aromatherapy oracle cards  to provide clarity and understanding.  My clients are always surprised and delighted at how insightful they can be.

Based on the results of the reading, I then create a 5ml bottle of hand-blended essential oil - using the oils that were picked by the cards - which is sent to you by post.

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