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A supportive mastermind for women who want to grow their lives and their businesses.  Limited to only 10 spaces for that personal touch.



Regular Zoom sessions  - facilitated by Michelle

Workshop through ideas and challenges. 

Receive support, encouragement, ideas and feedback from the group.

Develop the deep connection that can only be made through personal contact.


24/7 Voxer Support

Make and receive voice and text messages within the group.

Keep the connection and the motivation going between Zoom sessions.

The ability to reach out at any time for support.

Regular contact maintains that feeling of being connected, supported and held at all times.


Private Facebook Group

The safe space to try things out in a warm, encouraging and protective environment.

The opportunity to practice things such as social media posts, live videos, training sessions.

Perfect your offers before you are ready to release them.

Gain confidence in your communication and presentation skills in a safe and supportive space, before going out into the world.


Price Options
Held Mastermind
Weekly Subscription
$20.00every week until canceled
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