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Throat Chakra


The connection between our head and our body, linking our thoughts with our feelings.

The freedom and space that we need to express ourselves.

The confidence to speak out and speak our truth, finding the words that we need to express our feelings, thought and ideas.

Finding a voice through artistic and creative expression - singing, music or poetry.

Developing the ability to listen to others and being open and receptive to other people's opinions and points of view.

The courage that is needed to speak out, and the humility to listen.


A blend of beautiful essential oils, representing the different aspects of the throat chakra and bringing them together.

Throat Chakra Essential Oil

  • Encouraging confident communication.
    Bringing a sense of freedom of expression.
    Artistic and creative expression.
    The ability to listen to others.
    Encouraging clear speech and the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and feelings.


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